10Hz GPS module NEW v2

SimpleOSD GPS module is 66 channel -163dB high sensitive urban GPS device with 10Hz refresh rate

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 This is our new 10Hz GPS module that increased noise resistance and powered with a Super Capacitor to backup for more than one week.

SimpleOSD GPS module is 66 channel -163dB high sensitive urban GPS device with 10Hz refresh rate

Backup system and 3D Fix status led onboard.

FGPMMOPA6B is best civil GPS module on the world

This new B type GPS module including fine tuned Patch antenna. It's working perfect on urban conditions.



  • MediaTek Single Chip
  • Dimension:16mm x 16mm x 6mm
  • Patch Antenna Size 15mm x 15mm x 4mm
  • L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 channels
  • Embedded LNA and SAW filter
  • With Active patch antenna              
  • High Sensitivity Up to -163 dBm tracking, superior urban performances
  • Position Accuracy < 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)
  • Cold Start is Under 35 seconds (Typical)
  • Warm Start is Under 34 seconds (Typical)
  • Hot Start is Under 1 second (Typical)
  • Low Power Consumption 48mA @ acquisition, 37mA @ tracking
  • Low shut-down current consumption 15uA, typical 
  • DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support (optional by firmware)
  • Max. Update Rate:up to 10Hz  
  • UART Interface
  • Support AGPS function ( Offline mode : EPO valid up to 14 days )S
  • 1 week backup time with Super Capacitor 
  • 3.3 to 5.5v  supply voltage (Default 5v, need a small hack for 3.3v usage)


3.3v Hack

These modules are including a BlueLED between supply and backup capacitor for voltage dropping. You have to replace the LED with a diode for 3.3v usage. If you want to use the modules on your own 3.3v project;

  • Replace the Blue LED with 1N4148 or similar silicon diode.
  • Or contact with us  for 3.3v version, we can replace it for you.



If you want to buy only FGPMMOPA6B module, visit our Sensors page.
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