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Strobon NEO - RGB LED Strip Controller for RC

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STROBON Lights are the most powerful navigation lights on the model market for years.
We would like to introduce our new Strobon NEO - RGB LED Strip Controller for RC Airplanes and Multicopters.
NEO is the first RGB LED strip controller that was designed for the RC market.
It includes 40 different patterns for all requirements including Airplanes, X or + multicopters. 
NEO supports 4 different 10pcs WS2812B LED strip at the same time.  You can install the stripes to your multicopter arms or head, tail and wings of your aeroplane.
NEO power consumption depends on your pattern selection and power level. You can set the power level from %0 to %100 over your transmitter. It acts as a standard servo and the left position of the servo is %0 (OFF), Right position is %100 power. For example, You can set the control channel to the centre position for %50 power.
If you don't have a spare channel to control it;  
No worry, NEO works on standalone mode with direct 5V supply like all STROBON Family products


It allows 2 different working modes, RC mode or Standalone.

  • Supply it directly from a BEC (5v) it works on Standalone mode and runs in %100 power mode.
  • Plug it on any channel of your RC receiver for RC controlled mode, then you can On, Off or set any power level over the servo channel.


Standard RC Receiver Connection


Stand Alone Battery Connection (without remote control)


== MODES  ==

*This option was added to the firmware after 1 April 2015. Older versions have only one mode (Mode-1)

Strobon Neo controllers show the active mode on the startup sequence with RED and GREEN colours.
The startup sequence takes 1 second then the stripes turn to the last selected pattern and power level.

Mode 1: It is the default mode of the NEO and the connected transmitter channel is responsible for LED stripe brightness in this mode. You can use any 2-3 position switch channel or potentiometer to control brightness and OFF.

Mode 2: The connected transmitter channel is responsible for LED stripe brightness and Patterns in this mode. You can use any 3 position switch channel or potentiometer to control all features of the NEO.
This mode is a little bit tricky because of the single dedicated channel. 0-70% servo position (from full left to half of right) data controls the LED brightness. But If you send the %100 (full right) position, The NEO switches to the next pattern.
3 position transmitter switched the best for this model. 

  • Switch Position 0: Stripe will be OFF
  • Switch Position 1: Stripe will be ON (use trim settings to set LED brightness)
  • Switch Position 2: Next pattern (Pos. 0 then Pos.2 again for another)


If you want to switch between Mode 1 and Mode 2, Just press and hold the button before power on.
After power on, the stripes will turn to BLUE, then release the button. The controller will show you the selected mode colour (Mode 1: RED, Mode 2:Green) at the startup. 


We are testing all LED stripes and NEO controllers in 5 stages of production and you can be sure they are working properly when shipped. 
There are a few reasons that we notified about LED fails.
1- Low or non-linear supply voltage and current: Each LED includes its own control electronics and uses a really fast transmission protocol. So, If the voltage or current is not enough, LEDs are fails to transmission. Low voltage also locks the microcontroller sometimes. Just try with a single stripe or be sure about current and voltage in range (5v 1A) 
2- High voltage: LED control electronics are burns if the supply reaches 6v for a very short time. If your supply voltage is near to limits, sometimes some LEDs fails but others survive. This problem appears as a failing stripe after a failed LED. For example; if LED#3 fails, The stripe fails between #3-#10. 

3- Vibration: If you are using unbalanced props with a multi-copter, and the stripes are connected to the arms or after a crash, you may notify LED fails. High gain vibrations are breaks the golden wires between the internal IC of WS29812B and RGB silicons. This problem appears as Color fails for unique LEDs. For example, if the RED colour wire is broken, you will see only Blue and Green on the LED. To be sure about the problem, just press your finger over the transparent window of the LED. Most of the time this connects the broken wire for a while and you can see the right colour.
Problem 1 is temporary and you can resolve it easily. But #2 and #3 is permanent fails and you should replace the stripe with a new one or remove the failed LED and add a bridge between Data IN and Data OUT as a jumper.

You can order Strobon NEO compatible LED Stripes from here 



Specifications :


 Supply Voltage

  5 volts from servo channel

 Operating Temperature

  -40 to +105 °C

 Current Consumption

  50mA - 1A depends pattern and power level

 Dimensions( L X W X H)

  24.3mm X 9.2mm X 4mm


  5 gram 


Frequently Question: How many LEDs can it drive?
Answer: It was designed to drive 10pcs of LEDs over each control channel and have 4 channels