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Strobon SE v2 - Navigation Strobe Controller

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STROBON Lights are the most powerful navigation lights on the model market for years.

Strobon SE v2 is completely the same circuit design as our revolutionary STROBON v2 Navigation Strobes excluding the LED and size. It is a more flexible design than other LED embedded Strobon models. 


Now, it's configurable for 5 different patterns!

  1. Strobe  (Legendary Strobon v1 strobe effect. 3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flashlights)
  2. Blink (Simulates belly or tail lights. Continuous ON/OFF)
  3. Heartbeat (standard beacon light pattern, ramp up/ramp down/off)
  4. Rotating Beacon (perfect simulation of rolling beacons. ramp up/flash/ramp down/off)
  5. Static (you can use it as landing headlights or static wing-tip lights)

It allows 2 different working modes;

  • RC Controlled Mode: Plug it on your RC receiver’s any channel for RC mode, then you can enable/disable it over the selected servo channel. 
    Each Strobon counts the servo signals. So, you can plug more than one Strobon into the same RC channel to synchronize them.  (check the schematic below)

  • Standalone Mode: Power it directly from the battery (3.5-6v) it works on Standalone mode and works continuously.


It works with any Power LED(3W)  and it also drives more than one Power LED (the colours must be the same for the same forward voltage).

You can order Sotrobon SE compatible high-quality 3W Power LEDs from our store














All you need a piece of wire or a tweezer to change the pattern. 
Connect two small pads of the Strobon SE v2 board while it's working (it records the pattern, so you don't need to repeat after the power off)
It will stop working when you connect these pins and jump to the next pattern when you release the connection. 
That's all.






Customer Video, Thank you, Fernando :)
(you can find the instructions and wiring details under the video description)

    Customer Video (thank you, Otto)

 In this video, we soldered two Power LED back to back for 360 degrees visible strobe. 




  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 6 volt
  • Current Consumption per hour  @5V
    Strobe: average 60mA (1A in event of the flash)
    Blink: 70mA (150ma ON)
    Heartbeat: 120mA
    Rolling Beacon: average  170mA (1A in event of the flash)
    Static: 140mA
  • Dimensions: 24.3mm X 9.2mm X 2mm
  • Weight: 0.3 gram without wires
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +105 °C



Frequently Question: How many LEDs can it drives?
Answer: There is no limit. The light intensity drops depend led count. Our suggestion is a maximum of 3-5 units of 3W Power LEDs to give acceptable light intensity.